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Why Successful Businesspeople Get Into Politics

If you’ve read an Ehsanollah Bayat profile, then you probably know that this successful Afghan businessman has considered running in his country’s presidential election. In America, businessmen like Donald Trump have also announced that they have interest in holding the highest office in the land.

With all of the successes that businesspeople enjoy in their fields, many wonder why they would want to give up their lucrative careers and run for public office. After all, civil servants earn far less than business moguls and yet have far more responsibility. To help you understand why on earth an individual who has been vastly successful in business would want to run for public office, here are some reasons why successful businesspeople get into politics

A Sincere Interest In Making Positive Changes

Not all businesspeople who enter the political arena are just doing it for their own personal gain. Indeed, many successful entrepreneurs who make a run for public office have a genuine and sincere interest in improving the issues that they consider to be problematic. A lot of these people genuinely love their countries and think that they have the knowledge to make a real and true difference.

For Some, However, There’s A Personal Interest

That’s not to say that all businesspeople who run for public office have sincere intentions. While the majority of entrepreneurs who run for public office have good intentions, there have been a token few cases where individuals wanted to hold a position merely to advance causes relevant to their industry. However, this is fairly rare.

Put Their Expertise To Good Use

Don’t think that businesspeople don’t enter public office without relative work experience. Running a successful corporation is one of the most surefire ways to get a deep and true understanding of how economics work. While some of these businesspeople may be light on foreign policy or not an expert at the legal system, they have an extremely advanced knowledge of the economy and finances that can serve their constituents very well.

Put Their Leadership Skills To Good Use

You don’t become the head of a multimillion dollar company with poor leadership skills. Many of the businesspeople who make a run for public office know that they have extremely excellent leadership skills. In fact, many of these people have been dreaming of getting into politics for quite some time. While knowledge and good policy are obviously important when it comes to political candidates, leadership skills are utterly invaluable.

If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to vote for a former businessperson turned politician, there is no blanket answer. However, it is not inherently a bad idea. Don’t think that just because a mogul or a head of a company is running for public office that they are doing it merely for narcissistic reasons. Many of these people have phenomenal leadership skills and a vast knowledge of economic policy. Ultimately, they are oftentimes just as good, if not better, than the candidates that they are running against.

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