The Three Main Traits Of A Good Leader

Businesses know that they cannot grow without good leadership in place, which is why so many businesses invest heavily in leadership training for their most promising employees. When professionals within the recruiting industry such as Jason Hanold look for leaders to recruit for organizations, there are always specific traits that need to be in place before someone can be considered a good leader. As you develop your career and keep your focus on moving into management, there are traits you should develop that will help you to achieve your career goals.


Call it confidence or call it being aggressive, but every good leader is always confident when they make decisions. The surest way to get your subordinates to question your decision making abilities is to waver on anything that you do. If you want to command respect, then you need to stand by each and every one of your decisions.

You can help yourself in this endeavor by constantly learning about your industry and your company to improve your level of confidence. Every leader makes decisions based on how confident they are in their knowledge of the situation, and their ability to predict business trends. Your ability to be decisive when you run your business could mean the difference between success and failure.

Always Learning

Tackle Stress EverydayLeaders inspire their subordinates through their words and actions. If a leader tells their subordinates to constantly take training classes to update their knowledge base, but the leader does not follow their own advice, then the end result can be an apathetic group of employees and a loss of respect for the leader.

If you want to be a leader, then it is your responsibility to learn something new every day. It is up to you to show your staff that learning new information can be valuable by incorporating lessons learned into the business approach. When employees see a leader utilizing what they just learned to help improve the company, then those employees develop the desire to learn as well.

Accept Mistakes

Every human being makes mistakes and a good leader knows how to turn mistakes into opportunities. When a leader makes a mistake, that leader needs to own the mistake and then show how to turn the error into a benefit for the company. Unfortunately, not every mistake can be turned into a positive event. But in those instances, a leader can gain the respect of their subordinates by owning up to the mistake and pointing out the lessons to be learned.

Good leaders do not just grow on trees. They are nurtured and developed over time. Companies know that they need good leaders to help ensure the future success of their organization, but finding those leaders can be a challenge. If you feel like you have the makings of being a good leader, then you should look to develop your skills and move up the corporate ladder. If you possess the main traits of a good leader, then you are already on your way to success.

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