Safety Risks in the Manufacturing Sector

Top Five Safety Risks in the Manufacturing Sector

Those who work in the manufacturing sector know that there is always some amount of risk involved in their jobs. Whether it is in the form of exposure to dangerous chemicals or working around heavy equipment, you are guaranteed to be exposed to a certain level of danger from time to time. Whether you are a plant manager or an employee working on the line, it is critical to be aware of the top five safety risks in the manufacturing sector.

Safety Risks in the Manufacturing Sector

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1) Poorly Maintained Machinery and Premises

Maintenance is a huge issue when it comes to safety in the manufacturing sector. Operating such things as industrial saws requires regular safety checks to ensure blades won’t come dislodged whilst the machine is operational and that all blades are sharp enough to do the job. Also, consider all the falls that result from poorly maintained grounds and you will see how this is such a huge issue. In fact, falling on the job is the number one factor leading to compensation claims against employer liability insurance.

2) Permanent and Ongoing Hazards

There are some things which just cannot be avoided. For example, think about all those who work with dangerous chemicals as part of their job. Perhaps those chemicals are actually manufactured on site. Breathing them in could cause serious harm, if not death in some cases, so it is important to make sure that high quality, state-of-the-art air filtration systems are in place. Whether it is just an overabundance of dust particles or dangerous fumes, dust and fume collection systems can safeguard the health of all involved.

3) Poorly Trained Employees

A great number of injuries on the job arise from poorly trained employees doing tasks that should be left for more experienced personnel. Lifting heavy objects is always a danger if the employee hasn’t been taught the proper position of the body when attempting to lift. Using dangerous machinery after insufficient danger is also a risk. If you are the owner or manager of a manufacturing company, always give your employees better-than-adequate training when safety is at stake.

4) Lack of First Aid and/or Medical Staff

Many large corporations employ full-time medical staff but smaller companies can’t afford the expense. In lieu of trained medical personnel, make sure to keep first aid kits and supplies throughout the building. It isn’t acceptable to simply keep a first aid kit in the main office as it may not be accessible quickly enough in the event of an emergency. You never know when that first aid kit may save a life until medics can arrive at the scene. This is a serious safety issue that must be rectified immediately. In some countries, first aid kits are mandatory in certain sectors.

5) Complacency on the Job

Finally, complacency leads to carelessness which is a huge safety risk when dealing with industrial equipment. Unless employees keep their mind on the task at hand, they could be seriously injured. Production managers and human resources personnel should periodically evaluate job performance by adopting good performance management software in terms of complacency. There is no room for complacency and carelessness on the job. If you can’t help the employee overcome a lacklustre attitude, perhaps he or she is in the wrong industry.

Of course you are in business to make money, but you first need to see to the safety of each and every person who enters the premises. From employees to clients and visitors, just one mishap could cost you dearly – not to mention the suffering of the person who is injured. Make a checklist of these five safety concerns so that you can periodically evaluate how to keep them up to standard. In this way, you can prevent a great many accidents and injuries from happening.

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