What Causes an Oil Filter Collapse?

Your car’s engine system relies on motor oil to function properly. The oil filter will catch contaminants in the oil so that debris does not circulate throughout the system and cause problems. You should replace your oil filter with every oil change, but you should be aware of when the structure collapses. This requires your immediate attention. Fixing this problem is a lot harder than dealing with a wiper blade replacement, so take your vehicle to a mechanic promptly. 

Find the Actual Problem

The issue with oil filter collapse is that a lot of the time there is nothing necessarily wrong with the filter. Instead, there is usually an issue with the bypass valve. The bypass valve should remain closed most of the time so that oil is forced to go through the filter. When the valve breaks, oil can then skip the filter, and it goes to the engine without removing the contaminants. When you go to your mechanic to get new LED headlights, you should also ask him or her to take a look at the oil system to see what needs correcting. 

Determine What Causes the Collapse

The bypass valve should only open when conditions are present that make it difficult or impossible for oil to pass through the filter. A filter that has not been serviced in a long time could lead to this. As filters catch more contaminants, there will come a time when it cannot hold anymore. This is why most experts agree you should replace the filter every time you get an oil change. This guarantees you get a new filter several times a year and can avoid common problems. 

Another reason why this problem may occur is that your car has a cold start-up. This is typically a short-term condition. The component becomes cold due to the outside temperature. Fortunately, this should resolve itself once the oil heats up. This will happen once the engine turns on and starts working.

Service the Filter Immediately

When the bypass valve remains open for oil to flow around the filter, it will lead to collapse quickly. The oil does not become properly cleaned. The reason for this is due to differential pressure. The pressure will increase to the point where the entire structure collapses. It is a clear indicator that your engine’s lubrication system is not functioning as it should. Maintenance is required right away. In addition to finding the best scratch repair kits at your local auto parts shop, you should also look for a high-quality oil filter you can install on your own or give to your trusted mechanic. 

You do not want oil filter collapse to happen to your car. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this problem as long as you regularly replace the filter. As long as you do it with every oil change, you generally will not have to worry about this happening to you. For all the auto parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly, you should visit your local auto store and purchase the right parts at the best prices.

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