Various Concrete Pump Boom Lengths Are Available To Cope With All Kinds Of Tricky Pouring Jobs

Pumping concrete through boom pipes allows a skillful operator to pour concrete into hard to reach areas. Different sized pumps are used depending upon the concrete pump boom lengths used and the specific job requirements. The sections of boom pipe are united in a Z design and can be deployed in either the Z position or in the A-frame position. Each section can be individually moved by remote control, permitting many possible configurations and extending your pumping possibilities. Typically smaller booms have four sections while larger ones have five sections, and different combinations of concrete pump boom lengths permit access in a variety of situations. Careful monitoring of all factors by a skilled operator allows a perfectly pumped mix to be applied uniformly in areas of difficult access.

Small four section booms can offer a total of 820-degrees of articulation, with around 100-degrees articulation in the first section, 200 in the second and 270-degrees in each of the last two sections. The first section measures around 5.5-meters and the other 3 just over 3.5-meters each. The combination of different concrete pump boom lengths affords different options to suit the job in hand. Some booms have an unfolding height of less than 4 meters so they can be used indoors, in tunnels or beneath overhead structures. A small boom offers a vertical reach of around 20-meters vertically, and 15-meters horizontally and are particularly useful in restricted access situations as the pump and the truck required are smaller and more maneuverable.

 Large booms can reach vertically to almost 70-meters and horizontally to close to 65-meters, and have an unfolding height of 20.5-meters.These long reach booms can easily clear on-site obstacles, and are ideal for harsh mixes and high-pressure applications. Typically the first section measures 13.8-meters and has 90-degree articulation. The second section is 10-meters in length and can be articulated 180-degrees, as can the third section which measures 10.3-meters. The fourth section measures 14.9-meters and has 242-dergreees of articulation while the fifth section is 15.6-meters long and can move through 208-degrees.

Choose the right concrete pump and the correct concrete pump boom lengths for your boom pumping needs by consulting with our team of experts at Heajee. Our experiences over the years have given us all the information we need to advise you on your best choices to make your concrete pumping project a complete success.

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