Statements Made Easy

After you or your children visit a doctor, you might find that you receive a statement for the services rendered in the mail. This is simply an overview of what was done in the office and the amount of the visit before the insurance makes a payment. If you don’t have insurance or didn’t file with an insurance company, then you might be responsible for the entire bill. You can try to make a payment arrangement with the office if you are unable to pay the entire bill at one time.

Most offices will send patient friendly statements by mail, but there are companies like where you can see the bill online before it’s sent to your home. There are some advantages to seeing the statement before it’s processed and mailed out. You can quickly see if there are any discrepancies in the care that was received. If you see something listed on the bill that wasn’t done in the office or a charge that is higher than you were quoted, then you can call the office to dispute the transaction.

Online statements make it easier for you to review the information in your own time. The statement is divided into sections that you can clearly read. There is usually someone available online who can help in answering any questions that you might have instead of waiting on the phone for someone. If the statement is mailed to the home, then there might be a chance that it gets lost in the mail. There is also a possibility of throwing away the statement because you think it’s something else from the office. Providing statements online makes it easy for you to make a payment on the account, and it increases the likelihood of the office collecting money on the bill. When you pay the bill, it makes your account look better, and you won’t have a bad debt against you on your credit. All of the information needed is on the online statement, and you can print off a receipt or the statement instead of viewing it online if needed.

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