New Interior Design Trends

As we are now well into Spring it is a time when home owners everywhere are are looking for new opportunities to refurbish their homes with fresh, exciting interior design trends. So far this year we have seen emerging trends for environmentally-friendly decorating (especially when it comes to paints and fabrics), but also retro influences from the 1950’s right through to the 1980’s from right across the globe. We have also seen an abundance of luxurious and textured fabrics, untreated carved wooden accessories and sleek metal detailing.

Here are some of the best emerging interior design trends to use in your home right now:

Combining Contemporary with Vintage

Using vintage design ideas and fresh, modern ideas together can create an exciting fusion environment in your living space that you simply can’t get by slavishly following a single theme. Juxtapose materials like high gloss porcelain tiles with antique or retro patterned rugs and bold accessories to achieve this daring look.

Natural Materials

Natural wood, whether as flooring, on the walls or as focal point pieces of furniture can emphasise natural light and is the perfect foil for bright spring coloured accessories. Introduce gold and bronze for a current update on last year’s copper tones and if your budget can take it in these still-austere times use some high-quality marble or other natural stone as floor tiles or walls tiles.

Natural materials continue to be a popular interior design trend and also include materials less associated with our interiors such as pebbles and industrial metal as decorative features. Pale natural stone wall tiles create an ideal backdrop for unusual accessories.

Blurring the Interior/Exterior Boundary

Continuous flooring of the same type, often natural stone or external grade porcelain tiles, from internal rooms out to the patio, terrace or balcony have been popular for several years but this trend looks set to be with us for a long time to come. Placing similar pots and plants both inside and outside the boundary further serves to blur the boundary. And for those without any outside space internal “gardens”, especially vertical ones, are a new trend and truly do seem to bring the outside in, particularly if you can create a living wall feature.

Nature in the Bedroom

There is an emphasis this year on using oversized prints of tree’s, flowers and organic materials in the bedroom alongside natural textures such as rattan, wicker and ethnic fabrics.

These are just a sample of current interior design themes. With an emphasis on eco-friendly decorating there is also a trend for recycling old, luxurious or even antique fabrics and furniture and using reclaimed wooden flooring. The best approach to interior design is to choose something you like and that you can easily live with this year and for some years to come. If you can re-model something already in your home by re-painting or re-covering why not give that a go? If you are on a budget just recovering an old chair, for example, or laying a new tiled floor is a relatively inexpensive way to introduce a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

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