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Four Key Advantages to Owning Waterfront Property

Real estate is always a good investment, but waterfront property is coveted no matter where you live. It’s a given that finding the right piece of property on a body of water means that you have found a safe investment. Whether it is for a personal dwelling or as part of an investment portfolio, there are at least four key advantages to owning waterfront property. Here are those four.

Waterfront Property

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1) Property Values Continue to Rise

One of the things which many investors have noticed over the past few years is that unlike inland properties, waterfront properties continue to increase in value. It doesn’t matter whether the economy is up or down, homes on the water never seem to lose their appeal. They are amongst the most coveted pieces of real estate and as a result, can be expected to gain value even more rapidly than their inland counterparts.

2) Ease at Which Re-Sale Is Possible

If properly kept up, it is amazing just how quickly waterfront properties sell. It seems as though they are no sooner listed in the MLS than they are stamped ‘SOLD.’ If you are looking for a good investment, you might want to consider waterfront properties such as Candlewood Lake homes for sale. Whether you plan to live there for a time or are just looking for properties to flip, these would be ideal especially as they are just a hop, skip and a jump from the city. Imagine living in rural Connecticut but within a short trip to the theatre. How exciting is that?

3) Beautiful Scenery

Speaking of rural Connecticut, just think about how lovely the scenery is literally any time of the year! When it snows everything is glistening white but in the summer there is an abundance of green. In the fall there is nothing lovelier than the rich and vibrant colours of leaves on trees native to the New England states. If you have chosen to invest in waterfront property to reside in, there is no better place on earth than the northeast for beautiful scenery. Lovely water on one side and nature’s most beautiful colours all around, what could be better?

4) Activities on the Water

Those who enjoy water sports will really enjoy properties on the waterfront. Spending weekends on the boat with friends and families makes working that 9 to 5 well worth it. You can enjoy anything from water skiing to snorkelling (in warmer weather of course!) and you don’t even need to travel to do the things you love. If you aren’t into actually getting on the water yourself, it’s fun just to sit there on a summer afternoon watching the boats and yachts as they sail by. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting near water and with a waterfront property, you’d have that benefit day after day.

In the end, whether you are simply looking for investment properties or looking for a place to call home, waterfront properties offer all the advantages you could ever want – and more besides!

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