A Detailed Elaboration of Trenbolone, a Steroid

Trenbolone is one among the most potent anabolic androgenic steroid used by body builders. It is capable of increasing bulk of muscle mass, growth size, strength, endurance in bulking cycle. When included in cutting cycles it helps in retaining the lean muscle mass. The Tri-Trenbolone was never made for human use. It was used to bulk animals before slaughter. It is manufactured as an underground drug and its composition depends on the maker. This is considered to be the most dangerous and also potent drug for human use.

The types of Trenbolone

The Tri-Tren blend is of three types in common among which two are hugely popular compared to the third. The types are Trenbolone acetate with half-life of approximately 24 hours, Trenbolone enanthate with average half-life of 5 to 7 days or more and Trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate with half-life of 8 to 10 days or more. The common characteristics of all these include influencing to weight and height, metabolism, exercise types, diet based composition etc. The difference lies in the result on physiological functions. The biggest impact lies on endocrine and metabolic function. This inclusion can be resulting into a number of negative reactions for the body.

The Tri-Trenbolone combines all three forms of Trenbolone esters into one drug. The one with the least half life is considered the strongest type among the three. You have to make a choice for the higher type with frequent injections or slightly less potent with less frequency of injectable dosage.

Side effects

The testosterone is converted into estrogen in the male body. The Tri-Trenbolone increases testosterone level and subsequently results in triggering its functions in the body. This is why body builders get the common symptom of breast development. Serious side effects of Trenbolone, anabolic androgenic steroid include Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), Pathological cardiac hypertrophy, Ventricular fibrillation which influences cardiac arrest.

There are lives threatening effects like over production of red blood cell contributing to heart attack or stroke (Polycythemia), clogged artery in the brain (Cerebral infarction), Neurotoxicity or development of neurological disorders with possible irreversible brain damage.

Short term use can result I a number of problems as well like causing disruption of endocrine system. Most effects are temporary in nature of every steroid. Even in this case after discontinuation of this drug the body experience loss in muscle mass gains over time.


It is advised that every user must take full knowledge of the drug he is consuming. This drug helps in bulking of body and retaining the lean muscles of the body. It is effective in cutting fat. Though there are side effects of this drug like any other steroid, appropriate usage can be beneficial. One needs to keep balance of the dosage and for that needs to know the right amount. General dosage may not be suitable. Doctor can best understand body types and prescribe the steroid in the right quantity of dosage suitable for an individual.

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