Asbestos Victim: A Journey from Legal Fight to Justice!

We are living in a world which is full of pollution and pollutants everywhere. Land, water and air, every kind of pollution has reached a dangerous height and it is on a constant increase. This is quite a frightening condition which should be dealt with lot of sincerity, wisdom and dedication. Amongst all other pollutants, Asbestos is one kind of pollutant which has caused a major threat to human health. People exposed to asbestos dust can face serious health issues, handicap or even death. Let’s understand how people are exposed to Asbestos and what can be the health hazards caused due to exposure.

Exposure to Asbestos

People are generally exposed to asbestos dust if they are working in an asbestos factory with no safety measures for the employees. People also get exposed to this harmful pollutant when they are living near such factory or women is washing clothes of the men working in the factory. Prolonged exposure to asbestos dust can have severe effects on the health of the person.

Some of the health hazards are discussed below:

  • Mesothelioma: It is a kind of cancer caused due to exposure of a person to asbestos dust. It can be caused in both children and adults who are being exposed. Children working in cracker factories are amongst the major victims of this type of cancer. This cancer is generally not detectable clinically but can be detected after a biopsy. It can affect your lungs or your stomach and intestines. There is equal chance of occurring of this cancer in both males and females.
  • Asbestosis: this mainly refers to scarring of lungs due to prolonged exposure to large amount of Asbestosis. This fibrosis in lungs can further convert into lung cancer. If you are a smoker then there is a high chance of getting a cancer due to Asbestosis. A non smoker can lead a normal life with Asbestosis for ten to twenty years. When the disease touches its epitome, it stays still and do not cause any deterioration in the condition of the patient, except it has been in the combination with some other complication.

Justice for people Asbestos victims

Most of the asbestos factories, cracker factories or any other place where the workers are suppose to work with Asbestos do not take sufficient safety measures for the health of the workers. Workers work in an unsafe environment, get exposed to the pollutant and develop medical conditions which break them physically, financially, socially and economically. They can also pass on the disease to their family members. Their social and family life is badly affected and disturbed.

It is very important to fight for such people who have fallen victim to this Asbestos exposure. Many companies have solicitors who work for the justice and betterment of such people. You can contact any of this company and file your case to get justice legally. You can demand financial compensation from the factory owners, paying your medical bills or taking care of your family.

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