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7 Features of Effective Project Management Software

There are dozens of different project management software providers. Some of them are completely free, but they offer only the most basic services for a limited number of users. Others, like Celoxis, require a monthly subscription or lifetime purchase, but give you access to the following seven most important features of effective web based project management tools.

#1 – Advanced Scheduling

Scheduling is important for maintaining efficiency in the workplace. It helps those involved in projects stay on track to meet deadlines, and this is important for client satisfaction. As such, your online project management tools should include the ability to schedule tasks in real time.

#2 – Project Tracking

Project tracking allows everyone involved with the project to keep an eye on things like performance, revenue forecasting, real-time cost projections, and much more. These up-to-date bits of information help you make better decisions regarding resource allocation and meeting deadlines.

#3 – Time and Expense Management

Time and money are the two most important factors influencing the efficiency of a project. Being able to manage them both in real time gives you the power to make critical decisions more quickly. You can view the number of hours employees spend on particular tasks, and you can even approve expenses and time entries in just one click.

#4 – Portfolio Management

With a properly managed portfolio, you can accurately determine the risks of individual projects and make sure they align with the goals of your company. What’s more, you can prioritize incoming projects and demands based on your current supply of resources and make adjustments where needed.

#5 – Collaboration

Your project management software should provide many opportunities for team members and management to remain in contact throughout the entire process. Sharable calendars and documents, online project discussions, and even collaboration logins for your clients make it easier to keep everyone in the know at all times.

#6 – Integration

Chances are good that your business already has software for things like email, finances, calendars, and even legacy apps. If your web based project management tools cannot integrate with this software, things become more difficult for everyone. The ability to access your email, financial tools, Google drive, and more from a single tool boosts efficiency and productivity.

#7 – Ease of Use

Finally, it is necessary to make sure that your project management tools of choice are easy for individuals and teams to use. After all, no matter how much they have to offer, they do no good if your employees cannot figure out how to use them. All too often, software with a simple interface offers too few features, and software with many features is too complicated. There is a happy medium with Celoxis, however. It offers everything you need with a simple interface.

In today’s competitive markets, it is important to boost efficiency and productivity as much as possible in order to stay ahead. With the right online project management software, you can schedule, review, collaborate, and integrate with ease. In turn, this helps your employees get the information they need and meet deadlines consistently.


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