What is Google Local Business Page?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques are commonly used for improving the ranking of your pages. But there is a new buzz in the market in the form of Google Local Business Page. Have you checked it out? This is probably the most effective way to reach out to a vast audience. And your business in the process gains the ...

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What Do The Uk Election Results Mean For Small Businesses?


It’s fair to say that a Conservative majority was not the outcome most people anticipated from the recent UK election. Most people were anticipating another hung parliament, with the exit polls backing up this prediction as well. However, when the results started to feed through it became evident that David Cameron and the Tory government had done much better than ...

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The Secret of Exclusive Business Gift Creation

Remember the fountain pen you received during last year’s company anniversary? That tumbler and planner during your trip to a company event in Singapore; what have you observed? When you are attending a conference, let’s say, Google’s new product announcement. What have you observed? They have a lot of corporate gifts handed out as giveaways to visitors. Aha! That’s it. ...

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Things To Do Before Starting The Business

There’s nothing in the world that compares to the freedom you get with starting your own business. You get the opportunity to pursue a business line you are interested in, while having something to call your own. You’re your own boss and you don’t have to answer to others. You follow your own timings without falling prey to the 9 ...

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Noomi Mattress Startup is Bringing the Mattress Buying Experience Online


Noomi, a new sleep company focused on wellness and giving back to the community, recently announced the availability of their 100% American-made, affordable luxury mattress conveniently shipped to your doorstep. No more showroom floors. No pushy salespeople. No dusty mattresses that hundreds of people laid on before you. Concentrating its efforts on a web-only shopping and purchasing experience, Noomi focuses ...

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Swords of David


The Promise That The Book Will Fascinate You Exists, If You Are A Fan Of Action Stories In case you like action novels, similar to the adventures of agent Bond, then you need to get your hands on this book. It may be just a written story, but both authors of this novel managed to bring such incredible descriptions of ...

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Does Philanthropy Help You Create Good Customer Relationships?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, philanthropy is an important motivator of people. Philanthropy is not about making you feel good by helping others or giving employees the opportunity to volunteer in their local community. It’s a real commitment to bringing benefits to help strengthen communities, whether locally or much more widely, and though for businesses involved in it ...

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Advice On How To Create A Successful Financial Forecast For Your Start-Up


Creating an effective financial forecast is vital. Of course all companies start by putting together a solid business plan. However, once you have done this you then need to determine how you can actually make money. After all, isn’t this what all businesses want? Moreover, if you are looking for a lender or a potential investor, your financial projections provide ...

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Best of Steel-sheets & Mild Steel Tube Packaging

SHJLPACK is world’s leading manufacturer of 90 degree steel coil tilter. From independent product to turnover production lines, we provide an extensive selection of solutions that play an important role in producing well-known brands and items worldwide. Our up and down integrated company provides mechanical and electrical engineering, Package programming, we offer installation, start-up services, and routine maintenance. Every single ...

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